Prescription:Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Symptoms:Bloated data without actionable insights.

Side Effects:Obese information
Noisy data

Dosage:Data cleansing
Classification (segmentation)
Regression analysis (prediction)

Active Ingredients:Machine Learning (Google Big QueryML)
Neural Networks (TensorFlow)
Deep Learning

Make smarter marketing decisions with Artificial Intelligence. Learn from your historic data (e.g. visitors, sales, and churn) and predict which visitors have a higher probability to convert, upgrade, and become loyal customers. Artificial Intelligence helps you target Market Qualified Leads more efficiently so you can spend your marketing budget more effectively.

Morfene provides actionable insights into your existing sales and marketing data using Artificial Intelligence.

Collect Data

You're sitting on a treasure trove.

Start with your sales data and compare it with your online analytics (e.g. Google Analytics)
Be sure your dataset is clean and standardized.

Glean Insights

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Who is the fairest of them all? Find look alikes by classifying visitors with similar features and attributes. Sometimes anomalies are golden nuggets of hidden opportunities.

Target the Market

Ready, Aim, Fire.

Direct your marketing spend (e.g. Search Engine Marketing) on visitors who have a higher likelihood of converting.