Prescription:Content Creation & Curation

Symptoms:Misinformed prospects, disengaged users; low returning visitors

Side Effects:Poor performing or duplicate content may become malignant tumors

Dosage:Weekly blog posts, monthly white papers, with a dash of multimedia

Active Ingredients:Organic keywords, search phrases, FAQs, canonical tags

If Content is King, then context is your Kingdom. Build a forest one tree at a time and keep the audience at the top of your mind. A content calendar’s base is built on solutions to industry problems and answers to frequencly asked questions.


Know your customer.

Identify your user personas and write to them as if they are individuals. Understand their needs and desires. This starts with listening to the signals coming from your analytics, your team, and direct feedback from your customers.

Build a Content Calendar

The Medium Is The Message

Craft content that resonates with your audience. What they consume is as important as how they consume it.

Increase Cadence

Your Content is a Magnet

Grow and strengthen it with practice. Over time, it will create it's own gravitational force.