Prescription:Event Marketing

Symptoms:Low lead score, poor quality of leads

Side Effects:Event selection, mismatched targeted audience

DosageStandard sponsorship budget pyramid:
60% bronze 30% Silver 10% Gold

Active Ingredients:Business cards, swag, and swagger.

Event marketing provides valuable facetime with your prospects, customers, and the press. It connects you with highly qualified leads where deals can be made. Being at the right place at the right time is the secret formula for event success.

We organize the preparation, delivery, and onsite execution of marketing signals.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Be Selective With Your Events.

It’s important to focus on where your prospects will be. For business customers, check their website for an event calendar to see which events they may be speaking or sponsoring.

Divide & Conquer

Prime your targets by organizing a private event.

Obtain the list of attendees and press from the event host and arrange in-person meetings.
Secure a speaking track and announce your presence.

Follow Through

What happens after the event is just as important as during the event.

Leverage social networks to expand your linkedIn network and give a tweet out to those you’ve met.
Then populate your email list and automate your lead flow.