Symptoms: Lack of publicity, attention, and interest

Side Effects:Negative reviews with independent media; “fake news”

Dosage:connect with the media with insightful press releases targeted at journalists/reporters covering your sector.

Active Ingredients:Press releases, industry insights, thought leadership pieces, hustle

Getting covered in the press provides social proof of being an industry leader. It provides valuable information to your prospects and engages your customer base. It also boosts SEO through backlinks and inbound traffic from a trusted source.

Show & Tell

Build a Relationship with the Press.

Cold contact a journalist through email or at a conference. Approach them with a conversational tone. Journalists are humans, too.

Information is Power

You Share, We Share.

Provide a journalist with information that is difficult to obtain The easier you make their life, the more likely they will give a shout out.

Show Off

Maximize Exposure

Journalists want exposure as much as you do. Become their source of intel and reshare the publication with your network.