Prescription:Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Symptoms: Stagnant growth, Vitamin www deficiency

Side Effects:Misallocation of ad budget can lead to bruised budgets and low or negative return on investment.

Dosage:Conduct a long tail keyword audit and craft relevant content

Active Ingredients:Organic search terms, Excel spreadsheets

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of displaying ads based on targeted keyword used in a search query. It can be highly effective because it matches a user’s intent with a company’s product/service.

One of the challenges of SEM is finding the balance between cost and effectiveness. Writing good ad copy starts with a thorough analysis of your keywords.


Users give you intent. Your intent is to give.

Compile a list of relevant keywords based on organic searches. Old school spreadsheets can be just as effective. The objective is to find the price equilibrium with cost and effectiveness. This is where you find highly undervalued keywords


Construct Ad Copy & Content that allures.

99% of your ad copy is analytics. The other 1% is your creativity. It might seem insignificant, but it’s what separates you from the machines. Make sure continuity flows through to the landing page.


Track your SEM attribution through the landing page analytics and monitor for effectiveness.

Keep an eye on bounce rates and avoid gazing at vanity metrics.
SEM is the ultimate test of the balance between form and function.