Prescription:Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Symptoms:Low traffic libido, anxiety.

Side Effects:Blackhat tactics can lead to severe penalties

DosageReview keywords and traffic reports daily

Active Ingredients:Keywords, content, backlinks, metatags

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the probability of web crawlers prioritizing your website to a user query. Currently, Google's Top 3 ranking factors are: Content, Links, and RankBrain (Artificial Intelligence).

These factors have depth and are dynamic, which requires constant monitoring and maintenance.


Perform a technical site audit to determine search opportunities lost...and found.

Conduct an inventory and check pages that have been indexed by search engines. Analyze and update website sitemaps, URLs, Titles, keywords, metatags, links (internal & external), etc.

Operate: Nip & Tuck

Nip away dead tissue (excessive links) and tuck in duplicate content.

Select the pages that are most important for your users. This is indicated by the amount of traffic (impressions) and time spent (duration). These are strong indicators of relevancy.

Prognose & Prescribe

Report findings and prescribe treatment

Update report with remove, improve, or hold status. Then prescribe SEM campaigns with revised keyword list and refresh content calendar with new and repurposed quality content. Long tail SEO tactics include increasing page speed (e.g. lower image sizes) and security (SSL certificates).