Prescription:Social Media Marketing

Symptoms:One way conversations, lost voice

Side Effects:Online backlash, competitive insights

Dosage:Daily posts with quick replies.

Active Ingredients:Tweets, Tags, and emojis

Social media is the heartbeat of a company. It reflects corporate culture and allows customers to connect directly. But it can turn against the company if mishandled...or not at all.

Morfene provides social media services to create a presence with relevant and timely posts.


Be Where Your Customers Are.

Look at your analytics to see which social channels your users are using to find you.
Be sure to shout out (retweet) to influencers and share generously.


Experiment With Different Mediums & Channels

Social Media isn’t just about text. Use videos with caption to capture attention. Be sure to try multiple networks. Often the smaller, but influential sites bring higher valued customers.



Spend (only) a dollar a day to boost your post. It acts as a stimulant.